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Our Mission

Here at Vancouver Trombones (VT) you'll find information about all things trombone in Vancouver. More than anything, VT is home base to a community of trombone players of all ages: students, amateurs, professionals, and anyone in between. We lead and facilitate ensembles and performances year-round, including a weekly trombone choir, an annual holiday trombone bash, and a summer program sought after by students around North America. Feel free to explore our website, check out our programs, and learn more about our founders, Brian Wendel and Ilan Morgenstern.

Where it all began...

The year 2017 marked the beginning of many collaborations between VSO Principal Trombonist and Bass Trombonist, Brian Wendel and Ilan Morgenstern, respectively. Having arrived to the Vancouver scene at the same time, the duo sought to meet and spend time with the local trombone community. They were welcomed warmly and were impressed by the pool of talented trombonists, composers, entrepreneurs, music publishers, and teachers that occupied Vancouver. At the same time, they knew there was a bigger way to connect everyone on a regular basis and expand the offerings for young players. Starting with Vancouver Trombone Week, they quickly developed more projects throughout the year and filled a pocket in the community.


As a duo, Brian and Ilan have taught at the University of British Columbia’s Brass Fest and have appeared on various news outlets, such as CTV Morning Live and CBC Music, recognized for their influence on the Vancouver trombone and music education scene. VTW has now completed its second year, with highlights including guest artist, Ko-ichiro Yamamoto (renowned Principal Trombone of the Seattle Symphony), a wide roster of students from around North America, and a more-than-doubled increase in attendance.